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Discover our 400 series ovens

What the Professional
Chef Comes Home to

Discover our 400 series ovens

What the Professional
Chef Comes Home to

Discover our 400 series ovens

What the Professional
Chef Comes Home to

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Gaggenau Appliances
by Woodalls London.

Gaggenau Appliances stands as a symbol of luxury and cutting-edge design in the realm of kitchen technology. Originating in 1683 in Gaggenau, Germany, the brand has transformed from its initial roots as a simple hammer mill to an internationally acclaimed icon in the high-end kitchen appliance sector. Renowned for their superior quality and striking design, Gaggenau‘s products are a perfect fusion of practicality and artistic craftsmanship. The product lineup, including sophisticated ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, and dishwashers, is crafted with extreme precision, focusing on long-lasting functionality and top-notch performance.

Gaggenau prioritizes the user‘s experience, blending sophisticated technology with intuitive interfaces to guarantee exceptional performance and a delightful and efficient cooking experience. The brand‘s vision is to elevate the kitchen from a basic cooking area to a space of joy and creative expression. With its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, Gaggenau Appliances leads the luxury kitchen appliance market, appealing to those who demand the highest standards of quality and design in their culinary pursuits.

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gaggenau ovens

Gaggenau Ovens

Gaggenau‘s 400 and 200 series ovens, significant elements in the kitchen appliance domain, embody the brand‘s commitment to sophisticated design and advanced culinary technology while catering to diverse preferences. The 400 series, tailored for discerning chefs, integrates professional features seamlessly into the Gaggenau kitchen appliance landscape. With stainless steel-backed or Anthracite glass doors, solid rotary knobs, and a handleless door opening up to 180º, these Gaggenau ovens exude elegance. The multiple-core temperature probe ensures precise measurements, and Home Connect technology enables remote control of these Gaggenau kitchen appliances. Automatic programs in these Gaggenau ovens enhance the cooking experience, combining precision and convenience for culinary enthusiasts.

In contrast, the 200 series Gaggenau ovens make a quieter yet impactful statement as kitchen appliances. With surfaces flush-mounted, controlled by stainless steel knobs and a TFT display, they offer 13 heating methods, including a baking stone feature, making them versatile Gaggenau kitchen appliances. Home Connect compatibility allows for remote control and diagnosis of these Gaggenau ovens. The Gaggenau Anthracite, Metallic, and Silver ovens feature matching handles for cohesion with 200 series fridges and freezers, showcasing their adaptability as Gaggenau kitchen appliances. This series achieves a harmonious blend of quiet sophistication and versatile functionality, appealing to a broader audience focusing on the culinary potential within Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

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gaggenau steam combis

Gaggenau Steam Combis

Gaggenau‘s combi-steam ovens, as a kitchen appliance, evolve with innovative features, enhancing their desirability as a kitchen appliance. Automatic programs in these Gaggenau steam ovens, adjustable via TFT controls, provide culinary guidance for this kitchen appliance. At the same time, the 3-point core temperature sensor ensures precise measurements, adapting cooking times in real time for optimal kitchen appliance performance. Enlarged water tanks in these Gaggenau steam ovens, now more accessible, alert chefs when attention is needed, a convenient feature for this kitchen appliance. Sous-vide cooking is simplified in these kitchen appliances, complemented by a vacuuming drawer, and all models of these Gaggenau steam ovens support Home Connect for remote control of the kitchen appliance. The automatic cleaning system, available in the 400 series and a fixed water supply model in the 200 series of this kitchen appliance, utilizes a cartridge for thorough cleaning.

The 400 series, a notable Gaggenau steam oven kitchen appliance, is available in 76 cm or 60 cm, with a fixed connection or tank, featuring a stainless steel-backed full glass door or full glass door in Gaggenau Anthracite, enhancing the aesthetic of this kitchen appliance. The 200 series, flush-mounted at 60 cm, offers options in Gaggenau Anthracite, Metallic, or Silver for these Gaggenau steam ovens, providing diverse choices for integrating this kitchen appliance into various styles.

gaggenau microwaves & microwave combi’s

Gaggenau Microwaves & Microwave Combi’s

Gaggenau‘s Microwaves & Microwave Combis kitchen appliances redefine cooking efficiency. The combi-microwave Gaggenau kitchen appliance blends microwave, hot air, and grill, significantly reducing cooking time. Store up to 50 recipes in this versatile Gaggenau kitchen appliance, enabling seamless sequences like defrosting with the microwave, cooking with microwave and convection, and browning under the grill. In the 400 series, the whole glass design of this Gaggenau kitchen appliance sits prominently, allowing touch control of up to five cooking methods. The handleless door opens 180º for easy access, enhancing the functionality of this Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The 200 series offers a purist appearance with TFT touch control, providing versatile cooking methods in a sleek design, making it an essential Gaggenau kitchen appliance. Both series embody Gaggenau‘s distinctive aesthetic, delivering efficient and sophisticated microwave cooking as a Gaggenau kitchen appliance.

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gaggenau warming drawers

Gaggenau Warming Drawers

Gaggenau‘s culinary warming drawers, a versatile kitchen appliance, redefine kitchen versatility, acting as the ideal slow cooker with uniform heat distribution up to 80 °C. Beyond warming and resting dishes, these Gaggenau kitchen appliance warming drawers facilitate dough proofing, herb drying, fruit dehydration, chocolate melting, and yoghurt maturation. The redesigned controls of this Gaggenau kitchen appliance allow temperature adjustment in 10 °C increments or selection from four preset programs. The 200 series drawer of this kitchen appliance opens with a gentle push, while the 400 series features a soft close mechanism. The Home Connect app enhances control over this Gaggenau kitchen appliance, offering timer settings, favourite adjustments, and exclusive programs. These drawers integrate with various kitchen appliances and aesthetically align with other Gaggenau devices. The vacuuming drawer, an additional Gaggenau kitchen appliance, complements the culinary warming drawer, unlocking sous vide possibilities when paired with the combi-steam oven.

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gaggenau coffee machines

Gaggenau Coffee Machines

Gaggenau‘s 400 and 200 series fully automatic espresso machines, a stellar Gaggenau kitchen appliance, redefine home coffee preparation. These Gaggenau kitchen appliances craft professional-standard beverages instantly, tailored to individual tastes. Remote control via Home Connect allows coffee readiness at your convenience, enhancing the functionality of this Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The machines seamlessly integrate into oven combinations, presenting a unified aesthetic alongside other Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

The 400 series complements ovens and warming drawers in Anthracite or Stainless steel-backed glass. With a touch of the TFT display, access the handleless, flush-fitting machine to modify coffee beans, milk, or water tanks, highlighting its role as a premium Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The 200 series espresso machine, with a cushioned closing door system, harmonizes effortlessly with ovens or warming drawers and is available in three colours, showcasing Gaggenau‘s commitment to taste perfection and design excellence in kitchen appliances.

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gaggenau hobs

Gaggenau Hobs

The Gaggenau cooktop, an essential Gaggenau kitchen appliance inspired by professional kitchens, showcases exceptional materials and meticulous craftsmanship in both the 400 and 200 series. The modular ‘Vario‘ option, unique to Gaggenau kitchen appliances, allows a bespoke workstation with specialized appliances for special cooking techniques. The 400 series, designed for spacious kitchens, ranges from 38 cm to one meter, offering illuminated controls, stainless steel or black finishes, and flexible Vario options for a personalized cooktop as a Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The 200 series, with a dark aesthetic, ranges from 28 cm to 90 cm. It features mounted surface controls, removable twist pads, or black illuminated controls for Vario customization, marking it as a distinctive Gaggenau kitchen appliance.

The Essential Induction, a sophisticated Gaggenau kitchen appliance, combines cooktop and worktop, offering a streamlined design and superior performance. Modular options, including Teppan Yaki, flex induction, gas, grill, and downdraft, allow a tailored cooking area within the Gaggenau kitchen appliance range. Vario 400 series features illuminated knobs, while the Vario 200 series offers a cohesive design in black with illuminated control dials, exemplifying Gaggenau kitchen appliance innovation.

The full-surface induction, flush or surface-mounted, adapts to variable pan sizes and shapes with 17 power levels, remembering settings as pans are moved. The ‘flex‘ element expands cooking zones for larger pans, Teppan Yaki, or griddle pan accessories, enhancing this Gaggenau kitchen appliance‘s versatility. Gas cooktops offer electronically divided power levels (12 for the 400 series, 9 for the 200 series) with reliable replicability, flash frying, wok power, and automatic reignition safety features, solidifying their status as premium Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

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gaggenau cooker hoods

Gaggenau Cooker Hoods

Adequate ventilation is essential in the modern kitchen, where functionality meets social interaction. Gaggenau‘s 400 and 200 series extractors, as Gaggenau kitchen appliances, cater to the diverse needs of private kitchens, offering discreet and efficient airflow solutions. The 400 series, a notable Gaggenau kitchen appliance, showcases architectural air management, featuring modular ceiling ventilation, island hoods, wall-mounted hoods, table, and downdraft ventilation. The 200 series, another range of Gaggenau kitchen appliances, provides a wide selection, including downdraft and table ventilation, wall-mounted and island hoods, ceiling options, and concealed extractors within kitchen units.

The 400 series Gaggenau kitchen appliance offers a stainless steel option with dimmable illumination in 90 or 120 cm for discreet yet powerful extraction. The 200 series Gaggenau kitchen appliance presents an 80 or 90cm clear glass choice. Home Connect integration allows control of the 200 series extractor through a compatible cooktop, including adjustments to ambient lighting colour, enhancing the functionality of these Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

Downdraft ventilation, an integral part of the Gaggenau kitchen appliance lineup, seamlessly integrates into bespoke Vario cooktop configurations, efficiently removing vapours, odours, and heat at the source. Both 400 and 200 series downdrafts, at 15 cm width, feature dishwasher-safe grease filters and automatic settings based on sensor-determined power levels, exemplifying the efficiency of these Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

The ceiling ventilation in the 200 series introduces a free-hanging lift hood in Gaggenau Black, descending for enhanced air recirculation and dimmable illumination. Home Connect enables remote control through a compatible cooktop, providing convenience and flexibility in air management as part of the Gaggenau kitchen appliance range

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gaggenau refrigeration

Gaggenau Refrigeration

As a key part of Gaggenau kitchen appliances, Gaggenau‘s extensive cooling portfolio elevates your kitchen experience, providing the freshest ingredients for culinary inspiration. The Vario 400 series, a fully integrated modular family of Gaggenau kitchen appliances, offers impressive flexibility with refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations, and wine climate cabinets. The Vario 200 series, another range of Gaggenau kitchen appliances, seamlessly integrates into standard kitchens, offering enhanced internal space.

Fridge-freezer combinations in the 400 series Gaggenau kitchen appliances, available in stainless steel or matching kitchen furniture, feature handleless doors for easy access. Both 400 and 200 series Gaggenau kitchen appliances boast glare-free lighting, multiple climate zones, and fresh cooling drawers at or below 0 ºC to preserve freshness. The 200 series showcases light bronze-coloured aluminium accents, contrasting with the 400 series‘ stainless steel and anthracite aluminium elements, emphasizing their distinction as Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

A standalone 90 cm fridge-freezer, part of the Gaggenau kitchen appliance range, in black stainless steel, with French doors, offers three climate zones, 2 fresh cooling drawers, split glass shelving, an ice maker, and a chilled water dispenser. Refrigerators and freezers, sharing design elements and shelving, align perfectly for visual cohesion within the Gaggenau kitchen appliance family.

The 400 series, available in kitchen furniture material or stainless steel, with or without handles, features door opening assistance, independent climate zones, and humidity-controllable climate fresh drawers within a stainless steel and anthracite aluminium interior, marking its status as a premium Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The 200 series impresses with sturdy aluminium light bronze shelf profiles, highlighted by glare-free warm white LED lighting. Both series‘ freezers mirror the refrigerators, ensuring cohesive design, materials, and lighting alignment, reinforcing their identity as Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

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gaggenau winecellars

Gaggenau Winecellars

Gaggenau‘s wine climate cabinet, a sophisticated Gaggenau kitchen appliance, is the epitome of wine storage, protection, presentation, and preparation. Functioning as a wine cellar, this Gaggenau kitchen appliance flawlessly balances these competing roles year after year. Designed for passionate wine enthusiasts, the cabinet preserves wines at precise temperatures, showcases collections, and adds prestige to your kitchen as a Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The 200 series seamlessly integrates into your interior design, offering an exceptional environment as part of the Gaggenau kitchen appliance lineup.

Elegantly storing 34 bottles beneath your island or worktop, the wine climate cabinet, a remarkable Gaggenau kitchen appliance, features two climate zones between 5 °C and 20 °C. Uncompromising in performance, this Gaggenau kitchen appliance includes extendable bottle trays, air filtering, UV protection, humidity control, LED presentation lighting, and cushioned door closing to avoid disturbing sediment. This cabinet caters to serious wine lovers, ensuring optimal conditions for wine enjoyment as a vital component of the Gaggenau kitchen appliance range

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gaggenau dishwashers

Gaggenau Dishwashers

The Gaggenau dishwasher 400 series, an integral Gaggenau kitchen appliance, safeguards your delicate crockery and cutlery with innovative features like Zeolite, enabling gentle cleaning at lower temperatures. This Gaggenau kitchen appliance‘s push-to-open mechanism illuminates you and your dishes with a soft, diffused light, revealing pristine contents. Smooth-running rails and cushioned closing ensure effortless gliding of the baskets in this Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The upper basket‘s folding racks have silicon-tipped edges for secure placement of tall glasses and non-slip surfaces for small items. At the same time, an extra cleaning area in this Gaggenau kitchen appliance directs water jets into dishes.

Flexible hinges in the Gaggenau dishwasher allow versatile, integrated installations, complemented by a subtle lateral Info-Light, indicating the dishwasher‘s use as a sophisticated Gaggenau kitchen appliance. Customizable wash cycles with eight programs and four options, including Intensive Plus for concentrated cleaning, cater to varied needs. The Home Connect app enhances flexibility and enables remote control of this Gaggenau kitchen appliance, whilst the top drawer‘s unique design accommodates cutlery and small bowls, offering additional cleaning areas for optimal results in this essential Gaggenau kitchen appliance.

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gaggenau laundry

Gaggenau Laundry

The Gaggenau washing machine and heat pump dryer form the ultimate laundry system, a key component in the Gaggenau kitchen appliance range, delivering exceptional results with spacious, well-lit drums and large portholes for easy loading and unloading. The Gaggenau washing machine features an intelligent dosage system, while the Gaggenau dryer boasts a self-cleaning heat exchanger for minimal manual effort. Both machines, as Gaggenau kitchen appliances, offer automatic programs and seamless communication; the dryer anticipates the wash load and sets itself to the correct program.

The Gaggenau washing machine ensures clothes look their best with low water and energy consumption, large capacity, and an extended lifespan. With room for up to 10 kg of laundry, it incorporates the intelligent dosage system iDos for automatic control of liquid detergent and softener, making it a standout Gaggenau kitchen appliance. The Dynamic Wash System improves performance, and anti-stain and anti-crease programs cater to diverse needs. The Home Connect-enabled washer, as part of the Gaggenau kitchen appliance range, seamlessly communicates with the heat pump dryer for a coordinated laundry experience.

The Smart Dry function of the heat pump dryer, a premium Gaggenau kitchen appliance, programs itself in anticipation of the current washer load, quietly accommodating up to 9 kg of laundry. The Steam Refresh program quickly revitalizes lightly worn and creased clothes. With a self-cleaning condenser and heat pump technology, this Gaggenau kitchen appliance dryer is the perfect companion for the washing machine, exemplifying the efficiency and quality of Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

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